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Cancer is one of the most deadly spreading diseases nowadays. More than adults, kids have become part of this deadly virus. Medical science is working on remedies to fight the issue, the most popular remedy that has proved fruitful in fighting back this fatal disease is Martial Arts. Karate, commonly called martial arts, has taken a responsibility to relieve the pain of cancer possessed and sick kids to comfort them from recovering physically, mentally and emotionally.


Kansai Karate is a premier martial arts organization dedicated to improving children’s physical and emotional health on a regular basis. We are continuously striving to achieve 100% success of “Kids Kick Back Cancer Due To Martial Arts.” We offer weekly classes to children that not only educate them about martial arts and its different forms but also impart a sense of hope and peace in them. We have different classes for different age groups of kids, being the youngest of all are children of 3. Our tutorial sessions, door-to-door visits and professional classes will enable those little kids to gain strength and fight back with the fatal virus. 


The ‘Black-Belt’ Initiative

The ‘Black-Belt’ programme is a unique concept intended for children who have not responded well to treatments. This end-of-life approach includes meditation and care for the entire family. At the last stage also Kansai Karate tries their best to help the little kids cover the loss they have incurred due to the fatal disease. A few days before they die away, the child receives a black belt with “Master Teacher” inscribed on it.


Assisting Elements Of Martial Arts!


The chemotherapy has an adverse effect on the minds and bodies of those little children. Martial arts impart a specialized non-contact type of karate to the little kids teaching them effective instructions on exhaling the negativity and darkness and inhaling strength, peace and calmness. This works both ways- while the body of kids is fighting with the disease, this form of exercise will help their mind to fight against the mental disaster caused due to disease. There are three significant elements.


  • Purpose

At that stage of complete isolation and disappointment, martial arts gives a purpose to those kids where they can consider themselves conquerors, not victims. Regular classes and companionship will give a new ray of hope to curb the chaos they are going through.


  • Power

When it comes to karate, power is everything, and it’s no different when it comes to coping with the disease. These young children go through frightening and unpleasant treatments daily, yet the sense of empowerment they gain in class helps to alleviate the pain and fear.


  • Peace

The teaching of discipline, respect, and perseverance, all of which lead to peace, is an essential part of martial arts. The emphasis on peace and calmness is a fantastic approach for youngsters to acquire direction outside of pain, fear, and fury.

Kansai Karate regulates its every effort towards seriously sick children and their siblings to self-regulate over the turmoil of their lives through martial arts therapy. It assists them in becoming active participants in their rehabilitation, pushing away the pain, fear, and rage signals. Get in touch with us and book your martial arts class to not only fight back cancer but also restore and maintain physical and mental health.