Sensei Stephen Kelly of Kansai Karate Academy has been conducting personal protection and awareness programs for men, women and school children of all ages in Victoria, and now Queensland, since 1987. In Queensland, Sensei Stephen runs Self-defence programs at Kansai Karate Academy, as well Sensei Stephen has conducted extensive Self-defence and Awareness programs for such reputable organisations as FeezRuthning Solicitors, Queensland Transport, Queensland Gas and St Luke’s Nursing.


Stephen, and all other instructors are Government licensed, with qualifications in coaching with the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme, current First Aid certification and also hold the current Suitability Card for the Commission for Children and Young People. Stephen’s fifteen years of experience in this industry has enabled him to provide you with the latest personal protection systems used nationally.

Stephen’s programs have been specifically designed with the untrained person in mind. Each program is specifically designed to suit your situation. Major emphasis of each program is placed on your environment and your needs.


The group will be taught user-friendly combat effective techniques, as well as preventative strategies, to ensure that the attack is prevented in the first place.

Programs can be designed to cover all combat situations. Participants are taught to deal with all situations and are trained accordingly. Particular emphasis is placed on the use of the environment and its tools to escape from danger. Remember that the best form of self-defence is to not be there in the first place.


For an obligation free assessment of your Personal Protection needs, call Kansai Karate NOW !!!!.


“Stephen has provided many valuable and enjoyable learning experiences for our students, in fact many staff have voiced their appreciation of his ability to motivate students and the thoroughness of the self defence course he offers.”

Corpus Christi College

“The sessions were informative and interesting and also thoroughly good fun. Mr Kelly has extensive knowledge and experience in his field and is totally professional as an instructor.”

Training Manager, Feez Ruthning Solicitors

“We can honestly say that approximately 110 women gained both skills and knowledge on their own self-defence and most importantly, thoroughly enjoyed themselves.”

St. Luke’s Nursing Service