Shihan Stephen Kelly, 7th Dan, Kyoshi (master) and the whole Kansai Karate Academy family offers Karate for Kids Brisbane, self defence classes Brisbane and welcome you to our Organisation.

Kansai Karate Academy was founded by Stephen Kelly in Queensland in 1993 and is part of the worldwide Shito-ryu Shukokai World Karate Union.The Academy’s award-winning Honbu (Headquarters) Karate dojo and our High Performance Centre is located in the Brisbane western suburb of Sumner Park, which is approx. 15 kms from the city.

Having full time professional dojos enables students to train safely 6 days a week. Shihan Stephen and his staff of highly trained and qualified instructors teach traditional and sport karate in a modern, energetic and exciting atmosphere that will benefit both you and your family. 



Our specially formulated classes are separated and designed to cater for all ages from 3 years to adults. Our programs include Cubs (3-4yrs), Little Lions (5-7yrs), Juniors (8-12yrs) and Adults (13+ yrs).We, Brisbane Karate Academy, also specialise in Kids Karate Classes Brisbane, Karate Shukokai Brisbane, Competition Karate (WKF Developmental/Elite), Weapons, self defence classes Brisbane, Fitness Classes, Private Coaching and Personal Training.

Kansai Karate also has 3 satellite dojos in Brisbane, our new full time dojo located at Springfield, also, at Moggill and Clayfield, and a full time dojo on the Gold Coast located at Upper Coomera.




Karate for Kids

Little lions

karate for kids adults brisbane classes academy martial arts club self defence shukokai personal weapons training


(8-12 YEARS OLD)
karate for kids adults brisbane classes academy martial arts club self defence shukokai personal weapons training


karate for kids adults brisbane classes academy martial arts club self defence shukokai personal weapons training



Anti-Bullying and Martial Arts

Bullying is a persistent problem is many schools despite the measures that have been taken to deal with the vice. Bullying in school is one of the major causes of children refusing to attend school or even dropping out. Furthermore, bullying makes children to develop low self-esteem and other psychological problems. In fact, a bully is a child with esteem issues who projects his crap to other children.

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Devotion in Martial Arts

Devotion is one of the virtues martial arts students need in abundance to succeed in the art. Martial arts is not a bed of roses because the moves one needs to execute are complex. They require practice and patience to perform. Moreover, sprains and strains are common in the dojo. Devotion is the key to success in martial arts. Devoted students never give up martial arts even if they face trying times. Martial art is a game of resilience and devotion.

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Calm Is Key in Martial Arts

In martial arts training, students are encouraged to remain calm for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons is that calmness is key in taking control of the situation and executing the necessary moves. Furthermore, calmness is crucial in deescalating situations when we find ourselves in a heated argument. This means that students who attend martial arts classes regularly develop a deep sense of calm with time. This is important in relating with people at work, school and home. Now, let’s look at the techniques in martial arts that helps you remain calm.

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Build A Flexible Body with Martial Arts

Flexibility helps us stay agile and perform difficult tasks as we age. People who age while inflexible may sustain injuries or find it difficult to perform certain tasks in life. Flexibility is one of the core principles in martial arts training meaning that classes start and end with stretching exercises. Therefore, people who train in martial arts from a younger age will maintain their flexibility as they grow old. Read on to find out how martial arts improves your flexibility with dynamic stretching.

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How Martial Arts Makes You STRONG

All of us at some point are faced with a challenge that we may find overwhelming. However, having the necessary discipline and perseverance is the key to overcoming any type of obstacles in life. Martial arts training makes you physically strong and gives you the confidence you need to overcome such challenges. In martial arts, strength is not typically defined as the ability to lift heavy. Strength is a physical and mental concept. Read on to find out the five major ways martial arts training makes you strong.

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Exploring the RHYTHM in Karate

Rhythm in karate is called Kata, and there are two major rhythms in karate. Rhythm plays a central role in Karate because it is the benchmark that separate trained karate experts from jokers. Rhythm can only be developed through continuous training. Only experienced karateka have rhythm.

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Gain faster results with one on one training, focussing on either traditional karate or sport karate.
Kansai Karate Academy can tailor-make a program for you.

Your private tuition will include video analysis to allow you to review yourself at a later date.



Make your next birthday a KARATE PARTY!

Our fully qualified Instructors will keep your children and their friends occupied for a fun-filled 2 hours!
Parties may include Self-defence, Fitness, Anti-Bullying, Karate Games or a Traditional Karate Class, tailored to your child’s age.