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“The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat.” – Richard Marcinko, Rogue Warrior


It’s true that Martial Arts can be challenging. It can take countless hours of training and commitment, with numerous challenges along the way in exacting skills and advancing through levels. Children will need to learn to see challenges as opportunities, as through these they will develop and progress. The key to success in Martial Arts is knowing that it’s not how many times you fall down, but how many times that you get up.


Endurance building involves raising the body’s respiration and heart rate, which helps in improving overall fitness. It’s a fallacy that endurance training doesn’t build strength. In fact, many Kansai Martial Arts exercises will build strength in your children, and help improve their daily lifestyle and activities.


Muscle fatigue can often come about due to lactic acid build-up while exercising. Martial Arts movements, such as blocking, striking and body-weight exercises, are intended to help the body deal with these lactic acid build-ups and training through them. Over time, children will be able to train longer and harder. In fact, their improved endurance will be seen both inside and outside of the training hall.


Improved endurance will help prevent fatigue during Kansai Martial Arts matches. It will allow children to sustain correct techniques for longer, because they won’t have as much muscular fatigue. In matches, this endurance may be the difference in winning a competition, and in testing, it could be the difference in failing or passing.


Kansai Martial Arts teachers will help children build their endurance and stamina. Once a certain level of endurance training has been achieved, children will progress and be given more challenging practices.


The ability to do intensive endurance training may vary differ from child to child, but it’s important that children always do their best and never quit. Essentially, having correct Martial Arts technique is imperative, but endurance and strength are also key skills in being successful.