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At the heart of any successful person, is self-discipline. But self-discipline can be a difficult thing for children to conquer. It is defined as the act of disciplining or power to discipline one’s own feelings and desires, especially with the intention of improving oneself.


There are many advantages of having self-discipline. It can boost self-confidence in students, enabling them to be more motivated and reach goals. They will learn greater tolerance in dealing with negative emotions. It will allow for a stronger work ethic. In fact if you learn to master your thoughts, your emotions, your behaviours and your habits, life will be much, much easier.


Martial Arts obviously can help improve children’s physique, strength and enable them to defend themselves against bullies and other unwarranted situations. However, Kansai Martial Arts is excellent in help children build their self-discipline.


Theodore Roosevelt once said, “With self-discipline most anything is possible.” And Robert Kiyosaki asserted that “Confidence comes from discipline and training.”


Let’s take a look at how Kansai Martial Arts can improve your self-discipline:



In Kansai Martial Arts students learn how it’s very important to maintain firm control of their thoughts and emotions. Students can’t be affected by their emotions in training, as this will negatively affect performance. They will learn that they can’t afford to be influenced by outside factors and that they need to control internal conflicts.



As students bodies become toned, stronger and lean with continual training, it will inevitably boost their self-esteem. They will find it much easier in being able to handle challenges such as bullying. It will also give them the confidence to make quicker and better decisions in their lives.



Martial Arts requires a great amount of focus and concentration. When students are learning the various movements and techniques they need great concentration and listening skills. They can’t be distracted in any way, in training or competition or they won’t be successful.



A great benefit of Kansai Martial Arts is that students learn commitment. Despite facing challenges and finding techniques difficult, they learn that they need to stay committed, because eventually they will be successful.


Goal Setting

Goal-setting is an important skill to learn. This is a natural ability that is acquired by Martial Arts students because of the belt system that is used. The belt system determines the student’s skill level and naturally students want to achieve a higher coloured belt. This enables students to set and reach realistic goals in an achievable timeframe.


Rules Must Be Followed

Students need to follow set rules in training and in competition. Students will learn discipline because they know they have to accept and follow the rules. Even if they don’t agree with them.


Disciplined Lifestyle

We find that most Martial Arts students apply the self-discipline they have learnt in training to other aspects of their lives. At home, at school and in social situations they choose more disciplined options. This could be healthier food choices, avoiding negative behaviours and actions, and focusing on responsibilities such as chores, homework and volunteering.