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Bullying is a persistent problem is many schools despite the measures that have been taken to deal with the vice. Bullying in school is one of the major causes of children refusing to attend school or even dropping out. Furthermore, bullying makes children to develop low self-esteem and other psychological problems. In fact, a bully is a child with esteem issues who projects his crap to other children.


Enrolling your child in martial arts classes is the most effective solution to bullying in schools. Think about it, many schools have designed and implemented counter-bullying programs that have proven futile. The evidence that the anti-bullying programs have failed is in the fact that bullying is still a major challenge in schools. The anti-bullying techniques children learn in martial arts are the most effective solution to bullying. Don’t get it wrong, we are not teaching children to confront and fight bullies.


Learning martial arts helps a child ward off bullies naturally because of improved self-confidence. Martial arts training also helps a child ward off bullies by inculcating discipline and self-control. Nevertheless, the child also learns defense skills to use when he/she finds himself in unavoidable confrontations. Now, let’s look at the specific skills in martial arts that help your child keep bullies away.


  1. Martial Arts Keeps Off Bullies by Teaching Confidence


Martial arts classes are structured in a way that people learn difficult things as they progress. When students notice that they have learnt and now can execute complex moves, their self-confidence skyrockets. This naturally send a strong signal that keeps bullies parking because they target those they perceive as weak. For example, some martial arts classes use specific bully-victim scenarios to demonstrate to students how to handle bullies.


  1. Martial Arts Help Children Send Bullies Packing by Teaching Discipline

Apart from teaching confidence that keeps off bullies, martial arts teach discipline that prevent students from using their martial arts skills to harm others. This is a lesson all trained martial arts teachers emphasize on. The discipline taught in martial arts guide students in everything they do including school work. Martial arts equip your child with the skills to know his/her limits, remain calm, and prevent a physical confrontation with a bully.  


  1. Children Prevent Bullying with Martial Arts by Learning Respect

Respect is the cornerstone of martial arts and every student is expected to show respect to fellow students and instructors. The respect children learn in martial arts extend in their interaction with family, friends and peers. Respecting other means pleasant experience in most interaction, which minimizes encounters with bullies.


  1. Martial Arts Prevent Bullying by Helping Children Learn Self-Defense

Children taught martial arts know how to defend themselves against physical attacks. On the same note, martial arts students are taught to be cautious when exercising their skills. They are instructed to use martial arts strictly for self-defense and not attacking others.