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Coordination is about the ability to move proficiently, carefully, swiftly, and purposefully. It’s well-known that a child’s physical coordination can have an affect on their performance in sports, academically and even their attitudes about school.


Kansai Kids Karate teaches students to become more mindful of their bodies – how they function, how they move and how to control them. Gross motor skills like jumping, kicking, punching, and changing direction are developed, as well as fine motor skills such as correct hand and foot placement.

Good coordination is crucial to building confidence and improving performance in Martial Arts for kids, as it is in real life. Skills that feed into coordination are things like judging distances, spatial awareness, changing angle, speed and more, all of which are important in Kansai Kids Karate training.


The great thing about coordination is that it’s a skill that can be constantly improved through training and practice.
Many believe that abilities such as controlled movement and grace are inborn, but coordination is a skill that can be enhanced.


Kansai Kids Karate training starts with children being taught overall movements, which are refined again and again through instruction and repetition. During training, an isolated movement might be practised between 100 times or more. That repetition teaches the children how to move, and coordination improves as combinations are added on.


Coordination is related to focus – coordination being the physical aspect of the body, focus being the mental aspect. Focus is often the main reason parents sign up their children to Kansai Kids Karate. Focus is about blocking out distractions and setting your consciousness completely on one task.


Focus is both a gift that can be developed and improved over time, just as with coordination. It’s astounding how much power can be put into kicks and punches if you focus on breathing, movement, and focusing on your inner energy.


Kansai Kids Karate are often challenging disciplines, and it’s only through proper focus that advancement is possible. Focus is a skill that is refined through the practice of Martial Arts, a skill that extends to all facets of life and offers a wide range of benefits inside and outside of the Martial Arts arena.


Fundamentally, through Kansai Kids Karate training you will learn coordination and focus, which are influential
tools for all areas of your life.