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Commitment is one of the key ingredients of success. If you are committed to your goals, you’ll achieve them. Most of us can agree that committing to a goal is not an easy task. If adults struggle with commitment, it means that children may need extra motivation to remain committed to their dreams. Martial arts training is a mentally and physically demanding activity that needs commitment. Your child will have to agree to attend classes that are often challenging.


In addition, martial arts lessons are not as easy as they appear in the movies. Executing the moves while maintaining the right mentality as martial arts classes demand is difficult task. Children who excel in martial arts classes develop a strong sense of commitment that helps them succeed in all areas of life. Committing to martial arts classes sometimes require children to make difficult decisions. For example, a child may be faced with the option of hanging out with his/her friends the all day, watch movies and eat ice-cream, or attend martial arts classes. A child committed to martial arts classes will attend them, which is the best decision to make in the scenario.


Martial arts teachers play a critical role in teaching commitment to their students. The instructors ensure that all students attend classes and inquire if a student is missing. The reason martial arts teachers monitor their student closely is because they understand that the art, they are teaching is difficult. Martial arts instructors motivate and encourage students to attend classes and this help them develop discipline. Children learning martial arts will commit to everything else in life the way they are committed to martial arts. This means that the children are more likely to be successful in academics, work and relationships that require strong commitment.


Commitment is one of the key values taught in martial arts classes. Students are often made to make a promise that they will stick with the training to the end. Students who honor their commitment stick with martial arts classes to earn a black belt. If they extend the same discipline in school and work, then they will attain the highest certification. Some of the methods martial arts instructors use to encourage students to commit include:


  • Making sure that students attend classes regularly.
  • Students are encouraged to watch and listen carefully during lessons.
  • Students are constantly reminded to work hard and do their very best.
  • The classes also encourage instructors to treat their fellow students with dignity and respect.


All the above exercises assist children to understand the role of commitment in achieving one’s dreams. Enrolling your child in martial arts classes is a good idea if your want your child to develop the discipline and commitment needed to succeed in life. For example, the effect of karate on commitment is well-known. Karate moves are among the most difficult to execute. Learning and mastering the moves require commitment because it helps you cope with hard work and strain that come with martial arts.