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 Mr Haruyoshi Yamada


  1. Hanshi 9th Dan, Tani-ha Karate-do
  2. President of Shukokai Gishin-kan
  3. 8th Dan, Japan Karate Federation (JKF)
  4. 4th Dan Kodokan Judo
  5. President of West Japan Workers’ Karate Federation
  6. Supreme Judge Director Class A, JKF
  7. Referee of Kumite & Kata, JKF
  8. Game Director, Japan Society for Physical Culture

Born 1938 in Akita Perfecture. Locally initiated in the rudiments of Karate-do as well as Judo. In 1956, became a disciple of Mr. Chojiro Tani now standing as the head of Shukokai, the Tani school of Karate-do in Kobe City.
After years of study and training under the instructor Tani, promoted to one of the most high-ranking pupils.
At present, in such capacity, presiding over Gishinkan, a Shukokai drill hall having its base in Amagasaki City, with approximately 3,000 followers nationwide, mainly in the Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe districts.
Serves Karate-do through abundant experience.
Haruyoshi Yamada possesses several professional titles.

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